The simplicity in the execution is the brilliance of the design!


Suppliers and contractors that want to be better and make more money learn to rely on tools and machinery rather than manpower.  They learn, after taking a hard look at their operations, that people can only be pushed so far, and that there are some things that backs and shoulders just can't do.  Our tools allow suppliers and contractors to get more done with machines making operations safer, faster and more profitable.


FOR ALL PRODUCTS We strongly recommend watching our short videos on the website and reading the user guide packaged with your tool before using the tools to help you get the greatest benefit.


 Like any tool, using it properly makes all of the difference.  





1-The lift bars should only be deployed through the long run fork pockets of the pallet


2-The bars should be perpendicular to the forks-not parallel to or in-line with the forks.


3-Some Belgard pallets have fork pockets on the short side only.  Place that pallet on top of a pallet with long run fork pockets and use the Pro-Safe Lift 3500 through the long run pallet,



 Check back for videos on these topics coming soon!





1-Attach the lifting eyes to the machine FIRST-then attach the lift system to the  boulder or tree!


2-Use the machine to give or take-up slack! This is critical to keep the lift system centered.


3-Manually tighten the slide chokers as snugly as possible to reduce wear on the Boulder Buddy 4000




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Check back for videos on these topics coming soon!

Pro-Safe Lift 3500 User's Guide
PSL User's Guide 8-2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 649.2 KB
The BOULDER BUDDY User's Guide
Boulder Buddy User Manual 6-2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 908.4 KB
The B&B Tree Buddy User's Guide
Tree Buddy User Manual 11-2015.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB

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